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World-Class Mobile Welder in Phoenix, AZ

I bring the weld shop to you anywhere in the greater Phoenix area!


Need a high-quality welder in Phoenix? I'm Kent Gardner, a professional welder for 30 years, and I bring the weld shop to you! 

specialize in large-scale, sophisticated pipe welding projects in the greater Phoenix area. This includes GTAW (TIG) welded stainless steel, argon purged process piping, SMAW (stick welded) mechanical, natural gas, and HVAC piping.

However, I am also available for smaller welding projects. Whatever you need a welder in Phoenix for, I'll do your job right and I'll do it fast. 

Mobile Welding Services in Phoenix

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Restaurant Equipment

Weld Repair & Modification

I have over 10 years of experience welding commercial food processing and restaurant kitchen equipment. Whether it's repair or modification, we'll weld your restaurant equipment in Phoenix to work for your situation.


6G Pipe Welding

I have over 12 years of experience in welding pipe of all kinds, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and even aluminum. From 3/8" diameter tubing to 8' diameter pen stock tubes in hydro-electric dams, from sanitary food product pipe welding to agricultural irrigation pipe.  


Heavy Equipment

Weld Repairs

Heavy equipment repair has been our "bread and butter" for the last 7 years. If your equipment is down, your cash flow stops. We can help you stay ahead of costly breakdowns with routine weld inspections and on-site repairs.

Welding Projects in Phoenix

Contact Me

Phone: (435) 592-3350



Thanks for reaching out! I'll respond as quickly as possible.

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